Time to Refuel

Isn’t it good to stop and take time to refuel?

For me this is about making that choice to stop…and then getting comfortable with the silence.

I believe in this concept, I truly do, but acknowledge it’s equally hard to stop from life, work, kids, consumerism, other people’s demands…what I call ‘the wave’. Frustrated by seeing too many people around me consciously or subconsciously choosing not to stop. For me, I don’t think “stopping” will ever look pitch perfect, but to attempt this is better than not attempting this at all and accepting defeat.

Run, play your favourite tune that makes you feel alive, skype a friend, go paint a nude. Whatever you do, try and make the first steps to stop…

This is a passion of mine, to help those around me consider stopping, breathing deep and taking time out to refuel.

Do something wholesome to feed your soul – also consider your partners needs and what it means to stop and refuel for them.

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