The Stagiversary – Revolution or Revelation?

So it started with a kiss, followed by months or years of dating, it felt great, unlike any other relationship you’d known, you blink and before long you’re talking about marriage… It’s fast paced, exciting and for the majority of us pretty expensive in the run up to your ‘big day’ (but worth it, I may add!). In short, you’re both living the dream and enjoying yourselves.

Then there’s your stag do, you may remember some or none of it, perhaps select photos were uploaded somewhere of your mates to view but if I asked you to name all those that turned up, could you?

Life’s moved on, we all run busy lives eg work, date nights with your wife, the children, exercise and the all-important Christmas shopping. We thought Facebook updates were the answer but they don’t quite satisfy that itch to connect with your fellow comrades, some remembered and some forgotten…

So I’m promoting the Stagiversary! Creating the space for you to reflect, share and laugh with friends can sometimes be just the medicine you (and your partner) need. Marriage and children are a wonderful and precious gift, however let’s not forget the importance in making time to reconnect with old and new friends.

The friends you invited to your Stag do were there for a good reason; a lifelong friend? University mate? A brother in arms? Or brother from another mother? Only you know…

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